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Welcome to the Center for Coastal and Watershed Studies


Humans and aquatic organisms alike flock to Coastal environments. About half of the US population lives along our shorelines, and about 75% of commercially important fish species utilize and depend upon coastal environments. With such at stake, we must study, protect and conserve these ecosystems. The Center will strive to connect students with coastal environments, research important issues, and provide local opportunities to make a change.

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  • Learn More About Stormwater Management

    Something as simple as water from a downspout contributes to a number of unwanted consequences. Roofs and other impervious surfaces alter natural hydrology, increasing the volume of stormwater runoff. This has a variety of impacts including streambank erosion, potholes, unwanted algae from nutrient pollution, bacterial contamination, and flash floods. Fortunately, there are simple, low-cost ways to help decrease the volume of runoff, and minimize the pollutant potential of surface water leaving our properties. More info...

Meet some of our people

Drew Ferrier
Professor of Biology and Director of Coastal Studies
Claire Hudson
Coastal Studies Program Coordinator

Coastal Studies Semester

Registration is open for the Coastal Studies Semester this fall. Click here for more information.

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