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Outreach is a fundamental pillar of the Center for Coastal and Watershed Studies’ vision. The community is an integral part of our watershed and our local environment. The Center endeavors to bring educational services and programs to the local community as well as communities throughout the Chesapeake Bay area. Outreach education empowers people in these communities with the information necessary to enact change in their watershed so that they can live in a healthier and greener environment.

  • Stormwater Management

Slow it, Sink it, Spread it.

Stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces can cause flooding, erosion, and pollution. In watersheds with a large percentage of impervious surfaces, streams are altered in many ways. For example, flow and temperature can vary widely. During a storm event on a hot summer’s day, water runs off the parking lots, roofs and other hard surfaces directly into streams. This hot water enters the streams quickly, creating a stressful environment for the stream-dwelling organisms. To reduce the impact of stormwater, it needs to filter through the soil before reaching the stream, cooling it down and reducing the nutrients from the water through uptake by plants and bacteria. The appropriate filtering time for stormwater is crucial to the health of lakes and streams.

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  • Green Neighborhood Forum & Festival

The Green Neighbor Forum\Festival

The Green Neighborhood Forum is an annual community outreach program co-sponsored by the Friends of Baker Park and hosted by CCWS Hood College. The forum is an opportunity whereGNF4 Frederick homeowners can come to learn practical methods they can implement to improve their environmental stewardship, starting right in their own backyards. Starting in 2017, the forum was held as a two-day festival around the newly restored Culler Lake in Baker Park. The goal of the event is to highlight environmentally friendly living practices by providing education and ideas to the community to live more sustainably, conserve resources and shop at local green businesses in Frederick County.   Learn more about this year’s Green Neighbor event.