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About FFSN

The Frederick Food Security Network is a community gardening program from the Hood College Center for Coastal and Watershed Studies. We are establishing a network of community gardens in Frederick, MD in order to:

  • Improve food security for residents of local food deserts
  • Reduce local water pollution by diverting rooftop runoff for use as irrigation
  • Promote better eating habits and environmental stewardship in the Frederick community

We work with partner organizations in Frederick to accomplish these goals. Community partners get involved by hosting a garden site, providing volunteers, offering funds or supplies, and/or assisting in produce distribution efforts.

Our role is that of a support structure. Some of the types of services we provide include:

  • Assistance coordinating volunteer support
  • Grant writing assistance for acquiring funds
  • Educational workshops and resources for garden coordinators and volunteers
  • Bulk resource acquisition, such as seeds and seedlings
  • Data tracking support to monitor garden success
  • Roundtable discussions hosted for garden site organizers to discuss challenges and solutions
  • Stormwater management consults to help gardens implement environmentally sustainable practices, such as vegetable rain gardens, compost piles, and rain barrels.
  • Facilitation of partnerships for effective and efficient distribution of produce
  • Community needs assessments to determine needs and wants from the target population
  • Nutrition education supplies and workshops
  • Community awareness campaigns about food insecurity, nutrition, and environmental sustainability


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