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ServicesCCWS offers a range of services to support non-profit groups and citizen groups, such as Home Owner and Watershed Associations.

Services we provide:

• Water Quality
• Watershed Assessment
• Environmental Program Assessment

[su_tab title=”Water Quality”] The Center is equipped to offer the following field and laboratory services. We can also provide training for watershed groups to collaborate on water quality monitoring designs.


Field Monitoring:
  • • Water sampling
  • • Storm water event sampling
  • • Electro-fishing
  • • Plankton
  • • Benthic macro-invertebrates
Long term data collection:
  • • Dissolved oxygen
  • • Temperature
  • • Ambient Light (PAR)
  • • Flow / Discharge

Laboratory Analysis:
[su_column size=”1/4″]


  • – Total Nitrogen
  • – Nitrate
  • – Total Phosphate
  • – Orthophosphate

[su_column size=”1/4″]


  • – Total Suspended Sediment (TSS)
  • – Total Dissolved Sediment (TDS)

[su_column size=”1/4″]

  • – Total Coliforms
  • – E-Coli


[su_column size=”1/4″]

  • – Conductivity / Salinity
  • – pH
  • – Cholorphyll a
  • – Microscopy


Please contact us for pricing information.

[su_tab title=”Watershed Assessment”] Watershed_AssessmentThe center offers services to help assess the condition of a watershed. Data generated from our assessments provide important information to local decision makers, which can aid as a guide for improvements. Reports generated by the assessment will include recommendations for conservation investments such as storm water management strategies.

Assessments can take the form of:
– GIS watershed evaluations
– Field sampling and laboratory analysis
– Habitat and Stream Corridor Assessments

[su_tab title=”Environmental Program Evaluation”] Often non-profit environmental organizations require third-party evaluation of grant-sponsored programs. We can conduct such evaluations for projects that have both an environmental and social dimension. Please contact us for more information. [/su_tab]